2019 Annual Awards Program

Dear public official,

Each year, the New Jersey Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA) pays tribute to deserving Public Works professionals throughout the state. The awards represent many different categories and levels of Public Works service.  These awards are presented annually at our breakfast meeting held during the League of Municipalities Conference in Atlantic City, NJ. The APWA is an affiliate member of the NJ State League of Municipalities, and our primary mission is the professional development of our membership.

We look to individuals such as yourself, to nominate people who you think are deserving of such recognition. Below you will find a copy of the award structure and the eligibility criteria for each category.  If you could find the time in your busy schedule to consider nominating someone deserving in your municipality or county, we would greatly appreciate it.

Completed nomination forms must be submitted no later than September 1, 2019. They may be mailed, or conveniently scanned and emailed to apwanj@yahoo.com.

If there is anything I can do to be of assistance, please contact me at apwanj@yahoo.com. For more information about the American Public Works Association, please visit www.apwa.net.


Daniel Carey

Dan Carey

APWA NJ Chapter President


American Public Works Association, NJ Chapter Annual Awards Program

Edward P. Decher Award

Object             To recognize long term dedication to the Public Works Industry

Eligibility         a. Minimum of 25 years of service in Public Works.

                        b. Minimum of 10 years as member of APWA.

                        c. Submit an application for consideration.

            New Jersey Chapter APWA Superintendent/Director Award

Object             To recognize APWA member Superintendent/Director for long term service to the public works industry.

Eligibility         a. Currently be a Superintendent or Director.

                        b. Minimum of 25 years of service in Public Works.

                        c. Minimum of 10 years of service as Superintendent/Director.

                        d. Minimum of 5 years as member of APWA.

                        e. Minimum of 5 years service with the present public agency.

                        f. Submit an application form for consideration.

New Jersey Chapter APWA Foreman Award

Object              To recognize APWA member Foreman for 10 years of service.

Eligibility         a. Minimum of 10 years of service as a Foreman.

                        b. Minimum of 1 year as member of APWA.

                        c. Minimum of 1 year service with the present public agency.

                        d. Submit an application form, endorsed by a supervisor if not being nominated by a supervisor.

Public Official Award

Object              To recognize one who assisted the Public Works Profession throughout their tenure of office.

Eligibility         a. Currently serving as a Public Official in New Jersey, elected or appointed.

                        b. Work for Federal, State, County, local government and/or public agency.

                        c. Distinguished himself / herself by advancing the Public Works Profession by their tireless efforts.

                        d. Submit an application form for consideration.

Walter  A. Schaffer Merit Award

Object              To recognize a Chapter Officer or Committee Member for outstanding achievements and service to the                                                                 Chapter.           

Eligibility         a. Be a member of APWA serving as an officer, executive board or ad-hoc committee member.

                        b. Has supported activities and exerted special effort on specific projects, or whose work has resulted in                                                               recognition from the NJ Chapter.

                        c. Nominated by another NJ Chapter member on the Awards Application form.

New Jersey Chapter Joseph Maher, Jr. Award

Object              To recognize an APWA Member or non-member for making a special contribution to the field of Public Works in NJ.    

Eligibility         a. A non-member of APWA, resident of New Jersey.

                        b. Has supported a special contribution to the field of Public Works such as a unique approach to a project, as a supplier providing                         new or improved equipment, or a significant advancement in cycling or other process.

                        c. Nominated by a NJ Chapter member on the Awards Application form.

Richard Rohrbach Public Works Leader of the Year Award

Object              To inspire excellence and dedication in public service by recognizing the outstanding achievements of individual Public Works                                 Officials.

Eligibility         a. Open to any member or non-member.

                        b. Open to any non-elected public employee.

                        c. The majority of the individual's time and efforts are devoted to Public Works Service.

                        d. Distinguished himself or herself by one or more of the following:   use of initiative, new or innovative ideas, improvement of                                 existing facilities, efficient  use of equipment, machinery of personnel, and have the ability to serve the best interests of the                                   community.

                        e. Submit an Application Form.

Private Industry Member Award

Object              In recognition of the cooperation and support of the private industry members to the Public Works industry by providing services or                         tools to better serve the public.

Eligibility         a. Open to Corporate Members, Companies who are current members, or individuals working in private industry who are current                             members.

                        b. The majority of the individual’s time and efforts are devoted to providing public works services or equipment.

                        c. Distinguished himself by one or more of the following: use of initiative, new or innovative ideas, improvement of existing                                     technology, providing more efficient use of equipment, machinery or personnel, and, have the ability to serve the best interests of                           the Public Works community.

                        d. Submit an Application Form.

New Jersey Chapter APWA Employee Award

Object              To recognize an employee for long term dedication to the Public Works Industry.

Eligibility         a. Be an employee of a Public Works Department.

                        b. Minimum of 10 years of service.

                        c. Minimum of 5 years with present agency.

                        d. Be recommended by a Supervisor.

                        e. Submit an Application Form and brief job history.

*** Municipal/County Public Works Project of the Year Award ***

Established (2011) to promote excellence in the management and administration of a local public works project by recognizing an innovative public works project recently completed by in-house staff.

For the purpose of this award, public works are defined as the physical structures and facilities that are developed, owned and maintained by public agencies to house governmental functions and/or to provide water, waste water, waste disposal, transportation and similar public services.

To be eligible for nomination, a project must have been “substantially completed” and available for public and/or agency use no more than two calendar years prior to nomination. A project may only be nominated once for recognition as “Project of the Year”.                     

Include on nomination form the following:

1. Project name and completion date

2. Project description (pictures are welcome and will add to the score in this category)

3. If applicable, were safety improvements made or performed?

4. If applicable, environmental awareness and protection?

5. Innovative techniques used


AWARDS NOMINATION FORM 2019 (please print or type)

Award for which the individual is nominated: ________________________________________________

Individual Nominated: __________________________________________________________________

Nominee Email Address: ______________________________________________________________

Nominee Mailing Address:



Employer: ____________________________________________________________________________

The individual nominated above is eligible for this award because the following minimum criteria have been met (as noted in the eligibility requirements for each award category):






Nominated By: ________________________________________________________________________

Email: _______________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: (___________)___________________________________________________________

Mayor’s Name:________________________________________________________________________

Mayor’s Email:________________________________________________________________________

Please  complete this form using the eligibility criteria listed for each specific award.  The Awards Committee will verify the information provided on this nomination form; furnishing the required information on this form is the responsibility of the nominator.  The completed form should be signed, and then submitted between June 1, 2018 and September 1, 2019 to:

APWA- NJ Chapter

81 Lakeview Drive

Allentown, NJ 08501


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